Колонки Xcelsus Primum XP620

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Primum Series XP620 is a 16,5 cm (6,5″) 2- way coaxial speaker

  • Dual 16mm Mylar tweeter array for extended frequency response when mounted in vehicle factory locations.
  • Polypropylene Mica filled cone
  • Inbuilt Mylar 6dB Crossover

The XP620 was designed as a an excellent factory upgrade for today’s modern vehicles. The forward mounted dual tweeter array came about after extensive testing in a multitude of real world conditions where a speaker is mounted deep behind door or trim panel often dampening the treble of a tradition coaxial speaker.

The XP620’s dual Mylar 16mm dome tweeter array remains clear, precise and in unison with the bass driver for a rich and full musical experience no matter the location. These speakers will not only outstand you in a demo board but also in the real world of your vehicle where it counts.

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